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January 17, 2013
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THK || Bluu - UPDATED by iJaymee THK || Bluu - UPDATED by iJaymee
    Basic Information

      Name - Bluu
      Gender - Male
      Species - Cheetah
      Age - Around ten moons
      Tribe - Tribe of Crowded Water
      Rank - Messenger Tyro
      Mentor - Usafi
      Gift - Unknown.


      Positive traits

        Smart - Bluu is intelligent beyond his age, logically thinking through any problem he faces. He spends lots of time lost in thought, and has an insightful view on the world. He comes up with elaborate plans to pass challenges, but his low self-esteem usually means he keeps his ideas to himself. Only those closest to him know of his intricate mind and odd outlook.

        Sure-footed - With astounding balance and lithe frame, Bluu is able to maneuver around obstacles and other cheetahs with ease. His sharp, Crooked Tree claws mean he can move quickly along most surfaces, even if there's little to grip onto. This also means he can climb relatively well, but tends to avoid trees, so he doesn't get related to his father's Tribe.

        Fast - Even for a cheetah, Bluu is quick. He has a long and lanky build, with powerful legs thanks to plenty of swimming. His Crooked Tree blood also lends him long limbs, allowing him to cover more ground. His messenger training helps him use these gifts to the best of his ability.

      Neutral traits

        Quiet - Bluu tends to enjoy silent atmospheres, avoiding conversations if possible. If coaxed into a discussion with a cheetah he doesn't know very well, he will speak very little and try to stay out of debates and the like. His unease with talking provides him with a window of insight to other cheetahs, being able to observe their discussions and interactions from the sidelines.

        Curious - Despite his antisocial and timid demeanor, Bluu is an extremely curious young cheetah. He enjoys studying things and watching things work, trying to work out how and why something does what it does. He also loves to explore, getting excited about finding new things and visiting new places. This tends to be a side only those closest to him sees, and it can end up getting him in a lot of trouble.

      Negative traits

        Introverted - Bluu is a very shy cheetah. He hates working in large groups and prefers one on one time with those he knows best. He often spends time alone, hating being interrupted even by those closest to him.

        Shut off - Ashamed of his feelings, Bluu will hide from the world when upset or angry. He hates showing other cheetahs his emotions and tries hard to keep them from seeing the real him. His tendency to push away help often lands him in bad situations.

        :new:Possessive - After losing the island and so many of those he loved, Bluu has become possessive over things and cheetahs he holds dear. He spends the most time he can with them, and hates others spending time with them, in fear that they will take them away from him. [Post-journey. See history]

        :new:Hollow - Since the loss of Kaha and Kivuli, Bluu has begun to feel what he can only describe as hollow. There are many times when the tyro should feel excited, or upset, and merely feels nothing at all. [Post-journey. See history]

        :new:Paranoid - Since the journey and his many near-death experiences, Bluu has become very flighty and overly suspicious. He sees danger around every corner and finds it harder to trust those he doesn’t know. Because of this, it makes it difficult for him to work with others and to be without those he is close to. [Post-journey. See history]


      Physical Structure

        Being half-tribe, Bluu gets traits from both Crowded Water and Crooked Tree, resulting in powerful, long limbs. Even for a cheetah, he is long and lanky, with long legs and a lithe frame. He's tall for his age, and generally stands taller than other tyros, and sometimes adult cheetahs, too. He is an avid swimmer, and his legs are strong an muscular, despite their spindly appearance. This gives him a powerful, long stride, which is pushed to its best in his messenger training. His tail is long, which helps provide excellence balance, and sharp claws give good grip for running.

      Physical Appearance

        Bluu's coat is generally well kept and soft, conditioned by the warm waters in Crowded Water. His pelt has a darker, earthier tone to it than most cheetahs, making it harder for him to blend into the grass and environment of the territories. His spots are a dark brown, and cover less of his body than your average cheetah, spanning his back, tail, and halfway down his legs. He had two telltail spots on his forehead, and his tear-markings carry across his cheeks. Bluu also has a long scar on his left hind leg, from an injury sustained in the wave.


        Kaha’s necklace

        Bluu retrieved a long leather strap from his sister’s body after she was slain by a lion. The necklace has an array of decorations on it, with a meerkat skull in the centre, two black and red feathers on either side, and four beads, two after each of the feathers. The beads are clay and are stained blue and green, green being closest to the feathers. Bluu assumes these represent he and Kaha’s half-tribe blood, showing both Crooked Tree in green and Crowded Water in blue. The rest of the items have little relevance to the tyro, but he believes if it was important enough for Kaha to wear, she would want him to treasure them.



        Bluu's mother, a pretty young hunter tyro by the name of Yakuti, was a confident, sunny member of the Tribe of Crowded Water, who took every challenge full on and loved adventure. Yakuti lived quite happily, spending long days swimming in the lake with her best friend Matuta, a fellow hunter tyro. The two were closer than siblings and knew each other inside out. Or so they thought.

        When Yakuti went to her second Moon Meeting, she tripped and stumbled, colliding with another tyro. After a quick exchange of words, Yakuti discovered this odd cheetah went by the name of Konjo, and was a messenger tyro in Crooked Tree. After the meeting, Konjo sought this peculiar beauty who'd practically fallen into his lap and struck up a conversation. The two spent the rest of the night chatting away about nothing much in particular. When Matuta came to get her so they could leave, Yakuti found herself longing for more time with the eccentric young messenger. They said their farewells, and left.

        In the moons following, Yakuti met with Konjo at each of the Moon Meetings, talking for hours under the stars. After the fourth time they'd met, Konjo made a bold proposal: that they visit each other before the next meeting. Yakuti agreed readily, despite the consequences. She knew Konjo meant more to her than a friend, and seeing each other once a moon wasn't enough.

        The two began to meet at the Whispering Waterfalls as often as they could. As they began to see each other more, it became apparent that they were both falling madly in love with each other, and also that they were violating every rule in the book by doing so.

        When Yakuti was made a full hunter, two moons after Konjo had become a messenger, she met with him for the last time. Matuta, who'd been unable to sleep that night, noticed his friend leave the camp and followed. When he realised exactly what was going on, he leaped out of hiding and chased Konjo away. Furious, he tried to make his friend see exactly what she was doing, and how terribly it was going to end. What Yakuti didn't realise was the anger Matuta expressed wasn't because of her betrayal of the tribe, but because of her betrayal of him.

        Awoken to the seriousness of her situation, Yakuti cut off all ties with Konjo. She went about her business as usual, and during Moon Meetings she ignored him. Her heart ached, and she wanted nothing more than to see the energetic young cheetah who had stolen her heart.

        Almost two years into the future, Yakuti found herself unable to sleep and visited the place she and Konjo used to meet. While contemplating her decisions to the rumble of the falling water, she was surprised by a familiar pelt and a sad smile. Konjo sat beside her and told her of his love for her, and how he had come to the waterfall every moon to wait for her. Unable to cope with the separation any longer, Yakuti began to meet with him again. A few moons later, she fell pregnant.


        When Bluu and his sister Kahawia were born, the tribe was shocked. It was assumed that Matuta was the father, from the closeness shared between he and Yakuti, but Kahawia was born with amber eyes, which neither their mother or Matuta had. From the beginning, Matuta had suspected the father was Konjo, but didn't speak out in loyalty to his friend. Although Matuta acted like an uncle to the cubs at first, he became distant and angry in their presence before long, and Yakuti began to witness her best friend deteriorate into insanity. Before Bluu and Kaha had reached their third moon, Matuta snapped.

        Completely broken by the betrayal Yakuti had committed, and being in the presence of her cubs caused Matuta to lose it. He waited for his moment, waiting for Yakuti to become confident enough in her cubs to visit her mate again. The crazed cheetah followed and watched, before springing out and murdering Konjo before Yakuti's eyes. He raced back to camp, with Yakuti hot on his tail, and woke the tribe up with an awful yowl, screeching about her betrayal and who the cubs' real father was. Yakuti claimed she had cut off all ties with Konjo after the cubs were born, and she was let by out of pity.

        Matuta then, driven to insanity, turned his back on the tribe and left Crowded Water, unable to handle the life anymore. His murder of Konjo was frowned upon, and after no sign of him for two weeks, he was assumed to be dead.

        Bluu and Kahawia grew up as normal. Their mother, despite everything that had happened, loved them unconditionally, and eventually she was accepted back in to normal tribe life. The cubs were very sheltered and generally stayed away from other cubs and tyros, as they were mocked for being half-tribe, and through this Bluu became a very flighty, introverted character, while Kaha grew a hard shell and lashed out at those who were horrible to her. Although they never really showed much affection, the two cubs had a deep sibling bond and loved each other unconditionally.


        Bluu began his training as a messenger, which his mother had wished in memory of Konjo. Merely half a moon in to his tyroship, Yakuti became violently ill and a lot of his time was spent keeping her company, along with Kaha. For a few weeks, she battled furiously with the sickness, but soon became delusional, and by the end, she didn't even know who her cubs were. When she finally died, Bluu was torn apart, and Kaha withdrew even deeper into her shell.

        As the two of them tried to get over the pain of losing their mother, Kaha decided she'd had enough. She announced to Bluu, and then to the leader, that she was leaving for her father's tribe and never looked back. After losing his mother, Bluu found himself all alone in the world as his sister walked out of his life. He became attached to his mentor, Usafi, who loved him as an older sister would.

        After two moons of dealing with his training on his own, without a single friend, Bluu happened to stumble across the blind hunter tyro Dhaifu one evening. The two soon became inseparable, and Bluu loved him more than any other cheetah. He'd gained a best friend, and one that would stay that way forever, he hoped.

        When the wave hit, a moon later, Bluu was almost instantly knocked unconscious and carried to the other side of the territory. With only Dhaifu and Usafi concerned about him, the young tyro was almost left behind as the tribes began their journey into the tunnels. Luckily, Dhaifu followed his heart and found Bluu unconscious, dehydrated and critically injured, and the two of them made their way back to the tribes, just in time to leave the island.

        :new:The journey began to take Bluu apart piece by piece, until the deaths of Kaha and Kivuli in the midst of a lion attack completely shattered him. The experiences of the tunnels brought change upon the tyro in more ways than one, turning him into a hollow, paranoid cheetah. Afraid of losing more even more, he began to become possessive, especially over cheetahs close to him like Dhaifu and Usafi. His faith in the Keepers began to waver, believing that after they had took so much – his mother, the island, Kaha and Kivuli – and caused so much – the wave, the cave in – that they really couldn’t care much for the tribes at all. And thus, as they reached the new lands, Bluu began to slip into a depression that changed him in to a completely different cheetah.

        This is where Bluu is in life at the moment. More will be added as events happen and suchlike.


      Parents - Yakuti and Konjo
      Siblings - Kahawia
      Mentor - Usafi
      Tyro(s) - N/A
      Mate/crush - None
      Offspring - None

      :bulletblack: dislike/uneasy with
      :bulletred: hatred/loathing
      :bulletwhite: respect/special
      :bulletorange: family
      :bulletblue: neutral/acquainted to
      :bulletyellow: friend
      :bulletgreen: good/best friend
      :bulletpink: crush/attracted to
      :bulletpurple: love

      Non-Player Characters

        Mother [:bulletorange:/:bulletpurple:/:bulletwhite:] Oh mother. I miss you beyond anything you could imagine. I promise I'll be the best messenger I can, just for you.

        Kaha [:bulletorange:/:bulletpurple:/:bulletblack:] You know, I'd always heard family was supposed to stick together. But you... you went and left me. Just like Mother did. The only difference is, you had a choice. I'll forever hate Crooked Tree, for your betrayal... but yet, I still love you. You're my sister, I can't just ignore that. Sometimes I wonder if you ever feel the same. Probably not.
        Oh Keepers, Kaha. I don’t know what to do. You’re gone now, too. Just like everyone else. I never even got to tell you I loved you before you… went away.

        Matuta [:bulletblack:/:bulletwhite:] I don't even know what to say about you... for the few moons you were around you were such a great laugh. You'd play with me and Kaha and we had such fun. I dunno what happened, but you changed. And now you're gone, too.

      Crowded Water

        Dhaifu [:bulletgreen:/:bulletpurple:] You're my best friend. Ever. We've been through so much, and you've always been there for me. All of my good memories involve you. I don't know where I'd be if we hadn't accidentally started chatting that day. I love you, Dhaifu. To the moon and back.

        Swala [:bulletblue:] You seem like a nice enough cheetah, but your overly-outgoing attitude is too much for me. Admittedly, I had a tonne of fun watching the shooting stars with you.

        Usafi [:bulletwhite:/:bulletpurple:] Usafi, you've been the mother I lost. You've always been so kind and caring, willing to put up with my odd quirks. I really couldn't ask for a better mentor - I appreciate everything you've done for me.

        Kivuli [:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue:] I guess I never really took the time to thank you for saving my life. Twice. Those hyenas were a nasty bunch, and if you and Dhai hadn't encouraged me in the tunnels, I probably wouldn't have had the strength to go on. You're such a caring cheetah. I appreciate it.
        So soon after losing Kaha, I lost you too. Of all the cheetahs I knew, you were the one I never expected to go, even though you were the oldest of them all. You saved my life, you taught me how to have fun. I appreciate you wholeheartedly and I will honour your memory forever.

        Akita [:bulletblue:] I feel like I don't know you well enough to comment on how I feel about you, yet. I'm glad you've kept Dhaifu company while I was missing. It means a lot.

        Matone [:bulletblue:] I’m sorry we had to meet under such a stressful situation. I’m just glad we got out alive.

      Crooked Tree

        Kisasi [:bulletblue:] What can I say? If you hadn’t stopped to get me to move, I might still be down there with Kaha’s body. You brought me back to Dhaifu, and nothing I can say can express that gratitude.

    About RPer:

      Username: iJaymee
      Time zone: New Zealand [UTC+12]

      I tend to roleplay by notes, but I'll also roleplay forums or comments. I prefer not to comment roleplay unless it is a group event, and I'm not a fan of chat and skype roleplays, either.

      Normal RP reply

        With great difficulty, Bluu began to stir, his head spinning and senses jumbled. For a few moments hey lay motionless, too tired to even open his eyes. Slowly, everything became clear... or at least a little clearer. It was only then that he noticed the presence of another cheetah.

        His instinct told him to panic, but his body screamed in protest, not having the energy to even start in confusion. Lids heavy, he drew in scent, fringed with his own smell of salt and sickness.

        The first thing he picked up on was the hare. Instantly he felt his stomach writhe, screaming for a meal. Barely able to focus, he then caught the familiar smell, the one he'd been dreaming of finding. His eyes snapped open, and with a gasp, half of pain, half of relief, he said in a cracked voice "Dhai!"

        He felt his eyes well up and buried his face in the other tyro's pelt, breathing in the pure scent of his best friend.

      Longer RP reply

        Bluu was taking his time, nibbling daintily at the bird and watching tribe-life go on around him. The winter breeze whistled through the village, playing among his fur and making the tyro shiver, before puffing out his coat to keep out the cold. It was Bluu's first winter, being only seven moons old, but he was sure it was his least favourite season. If not for the fact that the illness had spread around the tribe this time around, then because of empty bellies and tighter restrictions. He longed for the beginning of Spring, and with it, warmth and new life.

        He was brought back from his fantasies of warmer weather with another puff of chilly wind. He huffed, leaning to take another bite of the guinea fowl, but becoming distracted when his eyes caught sight of an older cheetah making his way toward him. He cocked his head, prey forgotten, as the other cheetah got closer, slowly filling with dread. The only reason he could be here was to tell him off. He gulped and braced himself as Huru sat before him, cowering as though he was about to be hit.

        When asked why he wasn't training, Bluu hesitated. The older cheetah didn't seem to be challenging him, didn't seem to hold any malice in his voice. The tyro studied him, before dipping his head in a respective bow and saying in a polite, clear voice, "No, sir. Usafi said I could have the day off today."

      I'll roleplay at most levels but I usually tend to stick around my normal length of replies.

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